for cancer research

Awareness and sponsorship campaign for cancer research 
25 October – 12 November 2023

Imatge de investigadors en oncología part de l’IdISBa a les Illes Balears.

Meet our researchers

What is ComMou-te ? 

Awareness and sponsorship campaign for cancer research in the Balearic Islands organised by


25 October and 12 November 2023*


What are the Goals

To promote the culture of sponsorship

To promote the culture of sponsorship, by explaining the importance of the involvement of society to achieve a strong research fabric.

To raise awareness of Cancer Research

Cancer research carried out in IdISBa.

To publicise IdISBa as a Balearic research institution.

Who is it aimed at?

Imatge ninya aprenent sobre ciencia

Public institutions 

We invite town councils, civic centres, and similar organisations to publicise the campaign and to organise fund-raising activities:
such as flea markets, competitions, street parties …

Sports organisations and associations 

Calling all sports institutions! Join our fundraising challenge. Altogether, through sport, we are sure to have a most significant impact.

Cultural organisations and associations

We encourage all organisations to organise fundraising activities and to publicise the campaign at already scheduled events.

Charity organisations and companies

We invite you to spread the word about the campaign or make direct donations.


 …spreading the word

Follow us and share content: 

 …preparing an activity 

*Do you have an activity scheduled for before or after these dates? No problem!

…making a donation


You can make a donation by bank transfer or credit card through this link

By Bizum

Is an option available in most of the spanish banks. Using your bank app, from ‘making a donation’ with this identifier 08004

CaixaBank ATM

You can make a donation via your nearest CaixaBank ATM

If you need a certificate of your contribution, the details through the ‘Make a donation’ link can be downloaded automatically. If it is done through Bizum, you can request the certificate by sending an email to the following address: idisba.donaciones@ssib.es or calling +34 871 20 52 34